Our vision

We are working on ecological mobility for all. With this vision, Sergio and Gabriel founded AureusDrive in 2017. AureusDrive develops, designs, configures and assembles e-bike systems with a focus on the commuter. With our affordable, robust and stylish e-bikes, we want to motivate commuters to switch from cars to e-bikes. Our e-bike community is in the four-digit range, and together they have accomplished a total mileage in the seven-digit range – together we have reduced CO2 emissions by 300,000 kg so far.

Our mission

AureusDrive’s goal is affordable, robust and stylish e-vehicles for all. Furthermore, we strive for a fast supply of spare parts so that we can react quickly in case of problems.

The founders

Sergio Tresch, B. sc. in mechanical engineering (left)

Apprenticeship as a polymechanic. Studies aan de Luzern University of Applied Sciences and Arts op het gebied van werktuigbouwkunde / energietechnologieErvaring in start-up, MKB en universitaire omgevingen op het gebied van projectmanagement, ontwikkeling, productieplanning en engineering, aanbestedingen voor kapitaalgoederen, marketing personeelsmanagement.

Gabriel Barroso, Dr. sc. techn. Dipl. Masch.-Ing. ETH (right)

Business High School. Studies and doctorate at the ETH Zurich in the field of mechanical engineering / energy technology. Experience in start-ups, corporate and university environments in research and development, project management, marketing – communications, human resources management, finance.

The AureusDrive Team

Benno Fleischli, M. sc. in Engineering, B. sc. in mechanical and electrical engineering

Project Manager Software Development and Electronics

Gino Montecuollo, graphic designer, trade show and retail experience

Luc Jaggi, Marketing

Claudio Burkart, Marketing

Stefania Birrer-Pardo, Administration

Danijel Zajec, Production

Thomas Fischer, Production

Carlos del Pino, Production

Nikolas Ljutow, Production

Joel Suppiger, Logistics

Willi Erni, Production

Charis Renzos, Production

Brandon, Production


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