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Welcome to AureusDrive, your alternative Swiss partner for high-quality S-pedelecs in Belgium

Order online now and test our products on-site to enjoy the ultimate driving experience. Take advantage of our exclusive launch offer and save on your purchase. Find out why AureusDrive is the perfect choice for your daily commute in Belgium!


We are working on ecological mobility for all.

Enjoy the wind at 45 km/h and reduce your CO2 emissions. An e-bike requires 30 times less energy per km than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. This means that with the energy you need to travel by car for one day, you can travel by e-bike for an entire month.

This means that with the energy it takes to travel by car for one day, you can travel by e-bike for an entire month.

The benefits of AureusDrive Power45:

  • 55 Nm and 800Watt powerful and quiet rear wheel hub motor without gearbox
  • 1200 Wh battery and range up to 200 km
  • Robust and affordable S-pedelec from 5990 euros
  • Development, quality assurance and assembly entirely in Switzerland

Service and test drives

Sign up now for a test drive near you and experience the driving feel and the airstream.

AureusDrive Partner:

Test drives, all repairs and service

Open-brand workshops:

Standard bicycle services without an e-bike system. No warranty work possible.

Ecological commitment

The way to a CO2 neutral company – 115 tons of CO2 offset

We can announce that we have come one step closer to the goal of CO2 neutrality. In the province of Manabi, Ecuador, AureusDrive will initially plant around 200 teak trees over the next 20 years and reforest 1/8 hectare of virgin forest. We are looking forward to expanding this project in the coming years.

After the twenty years, the usable teak trees are harvested.
With the proceeds, new trees can be planted again.

This is good for the environment, because in this way the usable trees do not rot and release the CO2 again. Long-term jobs are created for this purpose.

Another step is to identify how much gray energy is caused by the production, use and disposal of our e-bikes, and then develop a concept to fully offset this gray energy.

We are working on ecological mobility for all.

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